Terrific Women in Giving – TWIGs, the auxiliary of Dayton Children’s, was founded in 1965. TWIG chapters have played an important role in helping Dayton Children’s provide quality care for children throughout the region. Today, Dayton Children’s is supported by 20 TWIG chapters that total over 350 members. TWIG members, known as “TWIGs”, include daughters, mothers, grandmothers and teenagers.

Each TWIG group hosts fundraising events throughout the year and provide numerous in-service volunteer hours at Dayton Children’s. Since 1965, TWIGs have raised over $9 million for Children’s.

“A TWIG  is the branch off a tree. Imagine if the trunk of a tree was Dayton Children’s. The TWIGs are the branches that support the trunk – the TWIGs are these nice ladies and there are a lot of them, just like how many twigs there are on a tree. TWIGS give the trunk shelter from the sun, adjust to the wind, soak up the rain…so the trunk can grow up to be a big strong tree. Without the TWIGs the trunk would surely die.”
     – Maureen Beach, mother of past ambassador Colin Beach

TWIG Goal Meter